Kris Wilson

Kris Wilson

NFL Athlete

I've been using the Flex nimbo for training purposes and wanted to congratulate you on this product. Not only have I enjoyed working with it, but I've gotten great results.

Kit Cope

Kit Cope

WFC Pro MMA Fighter

Hey guys the FlexNimbo kicked ass. I know Flex Nimbo will have a name soon in the MMA world.

Kris Wilson

Fred Turner

US Navy

I can't say enough good things about the Flex nimbo its a really really good investment and I'll recommend the flex nimbo to any athlete in any sport looking to improve their overall performance.

Kris Wilson

Ricky Powers

Former Cleveland Browns player & Head Football Coach at Buchtel High School

The Flex nimbo is a great fit for what I want our football program to be. It is tough, durable, and the results are awesome...I believe that by using the Flex nimbo, we will have confidence in knowing that we are the best conditioned team in the country.

Kris Wilson

Chris Romulo

Muay Thai Champion

The Flex nimbo has been an integral part of my success as a professional Muay Thai fighter. It helped me win my first pro fight. Training for my fights has been easier since I now have improved power in my jabs and kicks plus improved stamina. I have gained energy and stamina in ways I never thought possible.

Kris Wilson

Dr. Ronald Otterstetter, Ph.D.

Exercise Physiology Laboratory
The University of Akron, Akron, OH

The Flex nimbo is an innovative approach to rubber band resistance exercise...Athletes of all skill levels, from recreational to professional, would benefit with the integration of this device into their training regimen.

Kris Wilson

Tyrone Jordan

Head Coach - Crusader Nation - Basketball camp in Baltimore, MD

I am the head coach of the Crusader Nation 17 under gold team and I am also the head coach of the Rebels. I train Isaiah McCray with the Flex nimbo and I must say I really enjoy training my player's with the flex nimbo we do a lot of things with it. Run, shoot jump shots, defense drills and work on first step quickness. You can teach all kinds drills with the Flex nimbo.

Greg Gurenlian

Greg Gurenlian

Many of you have either, experienced, witnessed, or heard about the Flex Nimbo training equipment. As all of you know when it comes to training tools, coaches, supplements or fitness in general, praise from myself is few and far between. This piece of training equipment is one of a kind and is about to revolutionize the training industry.


Ted Rath

Ted Rath

Strength & Conditioning Coach - The Detroit Lions

The flex nimbo is one of the most innovative pieces of training equipment that I have seen and used. With the quick and easy transition in and out of the flex nimbo it makes it a great tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. You are only limited by your imagination with this product, its possibilities are ENDLESS!

Chris Burris

Hey thanks! Yea my season is going good. I had knee surgery over the summer, and now I feeling faster than ever. Rebuilding my quad muscle due to the atrophy is a struggle, but I'm going to be doing good...Thanks

Yusef Reid

It took some getting used to but by the time I got 2 weeks in my sprint speed was incredible.As a test I pulled a 1/4 mile dash on the track. Needless to say my friends were stunned. Now people are challenging me on races almost every other day. Thanks Flex nimbo.

Geoff Kaplan

Director of Sports Medicine and Head Athletic Trainer for the Houston Texans

When you're working with athletes and doing a lot of sport-specific [training], the legs have to work with the hips, the hips have to work with the trunk, the trunk has to work with the shoulders and the shoulder girdle. The Flex nimbo helps activate and incorporate these different components to try to work more in unison.

STACK Magazine

Matt Swango

MMA Fighter

Flex nimbo™ Overload Training for five weeks nearly 8% body fat lost while improving speed and strength.

Before and after

I am a personal trainer at Fitness 19. Currently, I have over 30 regular clients and the base is growing every week. I utilize the Flex Nimbo as an incredible resource in my training repertoire. Specifically, I have run one of my clients, Matt Swango, almost exclusively through a Flex Nimbo training regimen over the past five weeks. In that time, he has lost nearly 8% body fat while still improving his speed and strength. We're working on getting before and after pictures for product promotion. We're knocking on the doorstep to his goal of reaching and maintaining less than 10% body fat for the first time in his adult life. I'm excited about the progress we have made and both he and I agree that the Flex Nimbo was essential to his success.

- David Choma, Certified Personal Trainer