New Features

Flex nimbo™ is continually adding new features. Check them out below.

New Footstrap

New Footstrap

Adjustable Foot straps are easy to put on and offers two different ways to attach to shoes one size fits all. New FootstrapWe recommend wearing shoes for comfort and avoiding plantar facilities. Snap hooks have been repositioned to the sides of the foot in order to provide a clearance for ball of the foot for power or top of the foot for range kicking. This foot strap also allows for crisscrossing the rubber bands to the foot. When wearing the Flex nimbo suit the front band on your right side can be attached to the outside of left foot and the front left side band can be attached to the outside of right foot. The rear left band is attached to the inside right foot and rear right band can be attached to the inside of left foot when performing jumping jacks and lateral movement exercises.

Protective sleeve

New Protective Sleeve

Abrasion protection sleeves are easy to slide adjust back and forth along the length of the rubber bands making the rubber bands virtually indestructible against tears and breaks caused by frictional high velocity driving forces during extension.