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Used by top professional athletes, trainers and even a branch of the U.S military,
Flex nimbo ™ is the future of sport specific speed strength training! After years of research rooted in physical fitness science and created in response to the request for athletes to improve speed endurance, outstanding human performance and ideal for youth resistance training,
Flex nimbo ™ is one of the only sports performance enhancement devices that is totally versatile, portable and customized for all sports movements that require increasing your rate of force development, including vertical jumps and flexibility as well as useful for rehabilitation after sports injuries and correcting bio mechanics.

Flex nimbo ™ is made by athletes for athletes, we understand the essentials of designing products to perfect athletic performance!

User Trainers

Sean Sean
David David
Rashad Rashad
Misty Misty
Brandon Brandon
Kaitlyn Kaitlyn

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